I've read all the issues with VC and understand that it shuts my volume off, etc etc. But I've got to ask the question..., what the heck does it even do and what use is it? I can't seem to get it to work with my Samsung WEP 200. I press the voice command button once and see the little microphone and nothing happens unless I yell (and I mean yell) the word HELP. Then the help menu comes up and I can occasionally get to to access a contact but not dial one. Plus, after about 3 seconds it switches back to the phones speaker. Other than telling me who's calling and reading actual reminders to me..., oh and shutting off my sound so I have to reboot, does this serve a purpose? Is this another example of Microsoft's business strategy to put out a crap product so we're forced to upgrade later and spend even more money (case in point: Voice Command 1.6?)