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    Has anyone tried ShoZu? It's apparently a free service that does two main things: 1. automatically and immediately uploads pictures you take to a service like flickr, and 2. sets up "subscriptions" of video content to download in the background, much like a podcast.

    I did a search on here but there's just no mention of it.

    Check it out at

    I was about to try it out but they require giving them your mobile number to set up the account. For some reason that makes me nervous.
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    Hi Kaiguy
    Thanks for your interest in ShoZu. Just for your info, the only reason we ask for your mobile number is so we can send you a clickable link to download the app. We don't use your number for any other purpose, it just saves you having to type out a big awkward link with a phone keypad

    Alternatively, you can simply type the link manually into your phone's web browser and avoid giving your number altogether:

    (This link is for our Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC release for Treo 700W and 750W)

    Hope this helps


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