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    I had to change my phone number on the 700wx and now when I select to collect my voicemail using the left soft key it dials up my old phone number instead of the new number. By pressing and holding "1" i am able to obtain voicemail. Does anyone know how to modify the setting to adjust the voicemail phone number that is programmed to the soft key?

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    It's simple. There are actually two ways you can do what you want.
    Option 1 - press & hold that speed dial. One of the options that comes up is 'Edit Speed Dial' (or something like that). From there you can easily change the phone number (I've changed my voice mail to CallWave & had to do this same thing.
    Option 2 - from the Today screen, press the right menu soft key - one of the choices is Speed Dial options. you can do the same thing from there.

    There ya go!
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    It worked beautifully...thanks!!
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    no problem. glad it worked. what I would like to know is how this gets messed up in the first place.

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