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    I have a question regarding the list of programs that I get when I use the start button. It gives me the list of "programs" on the phone. However, it still contains a link to the Wisbar Advance folder (I uninstalled Wisbar), and since I installed Good Messaging (formerly Goodlink) I keep on getting copies of the Messaging (SMS, MMS, etc.) application. I now have Messaging (35) in my list of programs. Needless to say this is annoying and I have tried using my Registry editor to search for where these "shortcuts" might be kept, but I cannot find it there.

    Does anyone know where I can find these entries or lists or shortcuts? I would like to delete them so I can make my Program list accurate.

    TIA for any information regarding this question.

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    Start file explorer, then go to

    /Windows/Start menu
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    Go to Start->settings->menus to add or remove shortcuts from the start menu. Then you can delete them from the Windows folder if you want.

    Although, I believe the messaging icon you are trying to delete is for the built in Windows messaging (text, MMS, email) program. If you just want to remove it from the Start menu, try what I said at first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwardoz View Post
    Start file explorer, then go to

    /Windows/Start menu
    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Finally was able to clean up my Programs view. Thank you.
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    Also if it matters. I take the shortcuts that I do not use out of that folder. There is no point in icons like downloads, help, GetGood, Pictures & Videos etc cluttering up my programs view. I stick the worthless shortcuts in a folder called junk.

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