A new version of remotePROTECT was released today.
For those that aren't familiar it allows you to lock, hard reset, erase the sd card, etc by sending a tm from a phone or sms from a computer. If you're using sim phones it will send you a tm when someone changes the sim card with the new info.

I can't say enough positive things about the application or the company. Their tech support is just about the best I've experienced and I can say the same for their customer service. The application saved me when my treo was stolen.

A couple of the new features
-It no longer requires .net framework.
-when remote locked, it can display a msg like REWARD pls call xxxxx
you can remote lock, wipe, etc by sending an SMS from a computer (used to be just a tm from a phone).
-it now locks the phone while wiping it.
- if using a sim phone you can have multiple sim cards and change them without it sending a tm to you telling you the sim card has been changed.

Upgrade is free to previous purchasers. - How cool is that?

Here's a link to my review of the previous version: