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    cody should be dropping the beta treoset.mscr in a couple days for TA beta build 6.
    It works and looks pretty sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    That looks really nice, I like the new Xcast! Where do I get it?
    i would still like to wait a few more days to see what the xcast team says about my issues.

    after a week or so of testing, i think what i am getting as far as % of rain is the daily %. which is what we want anyhow. i have been compairing with weather panel which gets it's weather from as well. i have different layouts with weather panel and it seems to be only giving me the daily % of rain. i just dont understand why the hourly % doesn't work then.

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    The condition change like P-Cloudy and M-Cloudy
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    cody your comcast email is a calling you
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    Hmmm Lol Lol...sweet
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    Is the new Xcast application out?
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