I am ignorant about some of the aspects of the new generation of PDAs (I'm not stupid, just uninformed).

I had a Treo several years ago and gave it up when I started my business and couldn't spend the cash. Now that we're on our feet, I'm finding that I need the connectivity more and more. I'm currently using a PC Card through Verizon, but I'd like to be able to pare down and just connect through a PDA via BT. So, I came to the experts -- this forum.

What is this I keep seeing about a $15 tethering charge? It doesn't seem to make sense to pay $15 to use the BT (which comes standard on the Treo) to connect to the Internet (which comes standard in the data package). Is getting around this tethering charge considered a cheat? Or is the tethering some "extra" that is truly not necessary?

Primarily, I want to receive email and connect my laptop to the Internet. I run my own email servers on my own leased broadband. Standard POP3, no exchange. Will I have any problems with the Treo? I do not want to make any stupid changes to my email servers, they are nice and secure as-is, and having a PDA should require nothing in the way of the email server.

Are there any downsides to buying a 700wx versus the other Treo models? From reading these forums, it seems to be the model to buy, but I just want to be sure I'm not missing anything. Am I missing anything?