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    I currently use Cingular's Xpress mail to push my work email to my device. (My company can't get their damn exchange service to sync with anything) It has been working well for the most part (although push isn't quite as fast as I'd like to see it.) However, after a recent soft reset I keep getting an error after the windows start up Notification: PushClient.exe failed to execute. I reset and reset and reset and it seems endless. I finally remove Xpress mail..., reset and it's still there. I even ensured it's removed from the startup folder. I reinstall Xpress mail which prompts for a reset during the setup of Xpress mail..., and voila, no warning. However, hours later my battery died so I was forced to watch it boot up again... Guess what? BAM..., back again.

    ANYONE?? From what I read on Cingulars Forum it's pretty common but I only find users that have the 8125 that have been experiencing it.

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    I get this error message A LOT of the time when resetting. Sometimes I get it on a reset, sometimes I don't.
    As far as I can tell it does not prevent XPress mail from working. I'm not sure what the error message means, but it doesn't seem to affect push mail.
    If you're worried. Just go in to your inbox and do a send/recieve and I'm sure XPress mail will have HAD to start in order to do that, and you're up and running.

    So don't worry about the error message. When I had an 8525 I had the same problem, yet Xpress mail seemed to work anyway.
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    xpressmail from cingular also eats up battery more than activesync push so i uninstall mine.
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    I get that error as well. I just click through it. I agree on the battery life using xpress. I much prefer BBC in my environment. We use Notes and support BB. I wish we had exchange, but it is what it is.
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    While I'd certainly prefer to use activesync my company cannot seem to get our server to sync at all. The device keeps saying the certificate on the server is invalid and gives me this error message. We have Exchange 2003 too...


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