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    I'm a noob when it comes to PDA phones. I've just started working with my new 700WX from Sprint.

    What updates (if any) are available for Windows Mobile (v5.1.195 (Build 14929.2.2.1)), etc, and how would I go about getting and installing them?

    Thanks and look forward to learning a lot more!
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    None. There are no ROM updates for the 700wx.

    The only update available is the SMS patch and that's only if you have version 1.13; if you have version 1.14 it has already been included.

    This has been discussed many times, I recommend running a search.
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    Thanks for the reply. However, doing a search on sprint 700wx update leads you to a bunch of off-topic posts, as all forums of this type (software wise) are apt to do...

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