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    Apparently it allows you to have music over your non-A2DP headset. It's Net CF v2, so I don't really want to try it, but I'm curious if others have with success...

    Edit: Hmm. I found the main website ( I guess it says its not compatible with the 700w/x. But I wonder if perhaps the new stack might help with that. And there's a CF 1 version... Off to try.

    Update: Nope. No go. I got excited for a moment because as soon as I activated it, my bluetooth headset "connected"--started getting mild static like it was on a call before dialing out. But the music played through the normal speaker. Oh well. It was worth a shot.
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    Yea unfortunately none of that works..but on the bright side it appears the BT8010 works as both mono a2dp and hands free so solves the solution ($130 later...grrr)
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    Have you tried using this program after installing HANNIPS BT STACK hack?

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