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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo_NYC View Post
    I was a dedicated Palm guy for years (early plastic Pilots, metal Pilots, VZ Palm Phone, etc...). I always felt the email/messaging solution was hokey, but, I dealt with it. For the last 4 years, I was PDA-less. However, I now am in need of one, so I bought a Treo 700wx yesterday. All my friends told me to get a BB, but, I felt attached to Palm.

    The unit looked great, I liked most of the features, and everything was great. But, then reality started setting in...

    I find out from my corporate system administrators that to connect to my corporate exchange email, I'm going to need to download "Good" software which allows me to synchronize with the servers. I start getting nervous as I download software for 10 minutes. So, basically, the software sits on top of the normal Mail / Contacts software and completely kills the nice integration that existed in the unit. I did a search on this board and found other people complaining about it, too. All of the things that I thought were nice about the Treo are compromised with this software. And there are no other options (from what I've read).

    So, I'm heading over to the wireless store and I'm returning this unit and I'm getting a BB. It will do the things that I need it to do and I'll be happy about it. It won't look as pretty, but, it'll work the way it's supposed to.

    I am displeased you did not research this more. I am a IT DIRECTOR for a school here in TEXAS and will tell you right now your IT department is misinformed. You do not need the good software to make exchange work. The Treo 700wx has outlook built in which supports exchange 100% with calendar, tasks, mail, etc. It supports PUSH EMAIL as well. As long as you have Exchange 2003.

    Your BB will not support exchange unless the exchange has the $3000 add-on to support BlackBerrys and most companies will not spend that type of money before buying Windows based phones. Your BB however can receive POP email forwarded from the exchange but that is it.

    I suggest go back and get the Palm and use its features fully with exchange. That is what its made for!
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    Can I ask a question since you guys have good knowledge of the Microsoft products.
    Can I search in outlook contacts by last name and company name at the same time or is it only one or the other which is how I use it now. Would be nice to search both, is there a 3rd party software option for this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMac View Post
    In addition to the two posts above on this, let us know if you need more specifics on how you can easily do a Global Search for contacts, on your device, out of the box. You can do it - you just don't know how. Yet.

    The <only> thing I've found that Good has that EAS does not have is support for Public Contact folders, off the Exchange server. I don't mean the GAL - I mean Public Contact folders. And I think that will change with WM6. Good = dying a slow death.
    Thanks for you help guys. I dug deeper into finding contacts and found what all of you where talking about. Goodlink is total waste if Exchange can do the same. Our IT dept. sent me over the forms needed for Goodlink. Plus it's $99 one time start up fee. Forget that, I'm all set anyway.
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    I have an Exchange Server and the switch from my 650 (Versamail and Chatter were an incomplete solution) to the 700wx was a mindboggling improvement. Treo_NYC should take his IT administrator to the Clue Store.

    Exchange Server capabilities are already there. Security is already there. The direct push is fabulous. As the owner of a small business why would I spend money on Good when my existing server does everything?

    More to the point, why would I pay a Blackberry Tax for this functionality?

    I think the Small Business Server solution will eviscerate RIM's small business market. Why would I add yet another server, buy BES from RIM, pay my IT guy to bolt everything together, then pay more to fix the inevitable problems, etc.

    Yes the BB handsets are sometimes pretty cool. Yes, the BB has some good functionality.

    But not enough to offset a few thousand dollars of hardware/software/IT guy time.

    We have Treos and TyTNs in our office -- whatever the user preference is. I happen to worship in the Church of Treo. As much as I like the Palm OS I (as the last holdout) could not resist the move to the 700wx. And I'm glad I made the switch. If Palm builds the Exchange Server functionality into a new Palm OS handset, I'd happily switch back. I think. I may be gone forever.
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    Placed my order for my VZW 700wx today-should arrive by Thursday or Friday. I'm excited to get it (first smartphone I've owned). In reading the replies regarding Lotus Notes, is the consensus the software that comes on the 700wx is suffecient to be able to retrieve my Lotus Notes e-mail? If not, how much is Exchange and Good Link? I'm a newby so please excuse my questions.

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    Lots of folks have both a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) AND ActiveSync push enabled via Exchange and OWA/SSL.

    They both work.. and the MS solution costs nothing .. so why not turn it on. We have both because some folks hate MS or dont like the MS OS or both.. .So they use a blackberry...

    Personally I'll never go back to a blackberry .. and being an Exchange admin I wish we could nuke our BES server. Too many places to go to debug a problem device. (i.e. carrier, RIM NOC, RIM provisioning, Enterprise activation issues etc.. etc..)

    I'm not really sure what convinces IT admins they need both VPN and SSL to get to OWA ??? The architecture that MS provides with Exchange is pretty much explicitly designed to favor Exchange Front End servers in a DMZ running OWA/SSL. So I'm not sure what you gain by requiring VPN to get to your OWA server..

    I've never used Good's product... so I have no comment.. I do know that ActiveSync (the push variety not the older AUTD) does work WELL .. and so do the Blackberry's.

    What does this have to do with the 700w(x) ??
    Must be in the wrong forum....
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    why haven't we heard back from the users that started this Thread????
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    cuz they've since realized they were spending money and energy chasing a useless solution, and have slunk back to their cubicle, tails between their legs.

    Rock Me!
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    I don't know if this solves anyones problem, but I solved my issue by doing the following.

    1. Set up an additional email account. I added another address to my existing yahoo account.

    2. I then asked my company to "redirect" my corporate email to this new address, but leave a copy of incoming mail on the server. (This way when at work, I could still download mail onto my outlook at the office).

    3. I used VZW wireless sync to sync this new email address with my phone.

    The allows me to receive my office mail onto my TREO. The other advantage is that I can use the additional spam filtering offered on my yahoo account to filter mail at the yahoo servers, which virtually eliminates any spam or other mail I don't want clogging up my Treo.

    Like I said, I don't know if that helps anyone, but that's what I did.
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    Anyone have my issue which is Tasks slowing down to a halt after synching with MS Outlook 2003 on my desktop? Calendar is ok. But, when I synch with my PC, the Tasks that come over to the Treo somehow gum up the works so badly that the unit locks up almost every time. And, if it doesn't lock up, it takes about 1 minute for the Task function to be useable.

    Anyone have a solution?

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