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    Hey everyone, I can't seem to make a little video for more than 10 seconds (including sound) and MMS it to anybody. I think with the 8525, it was 600K's. I'm not 100% sure though. Can anyone tell me how to hack that 300K limit? I guess turning audio off and lower the resolution would help? But then it might be a crappy video. I am on Cingular.

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    It may have something to do with where you are storing it at. I have a 2GB memory card and store pics and video directly to the card. I recorded a practice video at the highest resolution of 352x288 for 30 seconds and the file size was 1.1 MB.

    Also, if you check the settings in the camera program, there is a box on the video tab that puts a limit on the amount of video you can take at one time, 15 secs., 30 secs. or no limit.

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