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    This here's a contest thread -

    In honor of my metal-intensive review, let's make it just a little easier to rock out with your WM phone by giving away a copy of CorePlayer - the commercial successor to TCPMP and a great player that supports multiple audio and video formats.

    Do you listen to music on your smartphone, or do you use a different device (or do you not listen to music at all)? I switch back and forth myself - sometimes I can't believe how convenient and awesome it is to have a bunch of music on my phone, other times I just want my iPod. Head on over to the forums and chat a bit about music on the WM5 platform. Any post in this thread between now and noon EST tomorrow, March 1st, qualifies.
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    I use my Treo to listen to music when I'm in a tight spot and I don't want to deal with the current situation I'm in. Otherwise, I use my laptop when I'm at my desk at work and I use my (cheap) MP3 player when I'm at the gym.

    Of course my wife replaced her MP3 player with her new phone.
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    I never use my Treo to listen to my music. I prefer my iPod and I use iTunes to manage my music. If I could easily integrate my iTunes library with wy WM phone then I would use my Treo to listen to music on a regular basis. I know MarkSpace offers a peice of software on the Mac the allows WM phones to interact with the iLife sweet of apps... to bad I'm on a PC at work.
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    I recently got a dedicated MP3 player (Microsoft Zune) but before that, used my Dell X51v. I've used TCPMP with great success and would love to use CorePlayer. Thanks!
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    I'm more of a podcast person. I'm using AudioBay to do the downloads on the Q because it is really lightweight (like 500k), cheap (6 dollars) and works very well. It even has a built-in MP3 player.

    Downsides are
    • Only Automatically Check for New Podcasts once a day
    • Won't save your position on the episode if you exit the program
    • Slightly more CPU intensive MP3 playback compared to core or TCPMP, though this is only noticeable when playing a CPU intensive game.
    • No auto-cleanup options

    I'd love to hear what others suggest about podcasts on their WM devices. As for music, I have a folder on the PC that I keep synchronized on my SD card using Mobsync. I just play those back with Core.
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    I'm somewhere between the first two posters. I don't generally listen to music on my PPC-6700 (and instead use my iPod), but on the flip side, I always have my phone with me, whereas I don't always have my iPod with me. Similarly, the nice thing about my phone is that I can use my Bluetooth headset to listen to my music wirelessly, which is nice when I'm at the gym, because then I don't have to deal with wires going all over the place.
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    I have installed about 1gb of music on my Treo and seldom listen too it. The reason has to do with the lack of a decent headphone that I can also use as a hands free device and a way to carry it while I roller blade. I don't like the ear buds because they fall out too easily. I prefer a wrap around, behind the neck, headphone which I only found one of that also functions as a hands free. One great use I did find is being able to access XM-Radio through an internet connection. Now that has proven to be pretty cool. Through an existing XM account, I can log in and listen to about 100 channels. The only downfall is, once again, the headphone issue.
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    I don't listen much to music on my wm, but I do put funny videos and things to share on it. Takes a lot of battery to run compared to other MP3 devices.
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    CorePlayer holds much promise...they just need to get in gear with their website!
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    I listen to music on my Treo 750 3-5x a week, usually on my commute to work via the train. I have almost 1gb of music on my Treo which I found to be enough, and the other GB is dedicated to videos, backups, and documents. I have a set of bluetooth stereo headphones, but lately I find that I enjoy the simplicity of the OEM headphones that came with the device. Regardless, I actually prefer WMP10 to TCPMP when it comes to music playback, but I love TCPMP for movies and streaming video.
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    Music on my Treo

    I listen to my Sirius Satellite Radio subscription via the SiriusWM5 using the beta version of TCPMP, although it is a little buggy and I have been switching back and forth between this and WinMediaPlayer. I was also using Hubdog's application to listen to Podcasts using TCPMP, but I had some issues with the memory storage and consistent performance. I am still looking around for a good Podcast listening program (Podcatching) . . .any suggestions???

    I am waiting to get a Bluetooth stereo headset to try that out wiht the A2DP application thanks to hannip over at

    With the 2GB SD card I have, I am looking to significantly replace my iPod except for long plane rides. It's all about convergence.
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    I mostly use a Zune, but also use TCPMP on my i730 quite often. Just matter what is more convenient. I would love to use the Core Player.
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    I like core player, but you still can't beat the sublime ipod.
    Grace & Peace,

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    I listen to podcasts to and from work (1 hr. each way) almost everyday on my Treo. I used to carry a phone and a PDA. Now I carry one device. I can't imagine why I'd want to carry a phone and an MP3 player when the phone does it all. Maybe for walking/running or something like that, but 90% of the time the Treo is the do-it-all for me.
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    I don't use much of anything for portable music these days... I have a very crappy little MP3 player but it only holds about an album of tunes, so I leave it on the desk most of the time. I have a 700wx that I hope to start using more as a player, but I haven't tried it much yet for that. Battery drain is already an issue until I get my new battery!

    Oh yeah... if I could stream Internet radio, then I'd be on board with portable music, big time.
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    Do you listen to music on your smartphone, or do you use a different device (or do you not listen to music at all)?
    No, I don't use my smartphone for that, but my iriver H300.
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    Am I still in time? If so, this is my entry. If not, bugger.
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    I have used my Universal to listen to music and I often download podcasts to listen to on it. The main entertainment type I use is movies. I rip DVD's that I own and view them on my PDA when I am travelling.
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    I use my Dell Axim X51v to listen to podcasts. I am not big into music, but I listen podcasts everyday, mostly christian. I use mortplayer and read a lot about coreplayer.

    Please pick me, pick me.
    (contributing author)
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    I really don't use my phone for music, just the iPod. I guess I am worried about messing up the screen or otherwise damaging the phone while using it as a music player.
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