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    I'm a frustrated Treo 650 user that wants to move to the Treo 700p or 750. However, my frustration is from the random resets of the Treo 650 - to the point that I have gone back to my Blackberry.

    Do the 700/750's have the same random reset issues?

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    the 700p does for many users. the wm versions (w/wx/ and the 750) are way better. it never resets by itself. it can freeze though. I get a freeze less than once a month and I am using and tweeking it all day long. the typical use my have to reset only once or twice a year. with the exception on the w's memory issues.
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    The 700wx is pretty stable. I don't have any problems with mine and I have larded it up with all sorts of 3rd party software and am busily filling a 4GB SD card up to its gills with MP3s.

    I just did a hard reset and installed ALL of my 3rd party software into device memory, rather than do the careful thing and install stuff to run from the SD card. Translation: I am being deliberately sloppy and using up all of my device memory to see how hard I can push this thing until it pukes. So far, no probs.

    The only problem I have experienced is the odd gwes.exe error. I get a popup message on the device telling me about this and asking whether my phone can tell Microsoft. I say yes. It doesn't seem to impact the performance of the device. And I'm too lazy to Google this to find the problem and the cure.

    My 650 (PalmOS of course) was pretty stable but I did experience the occaisional spontaneous reboot. More annoying than anything else.

    I can't think of this happening yet on my 700wx.

    The threaded SMS program on the 750/700wx (patch installed courtesy of TC, thanks!) is better than the one on the 650, I think.

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