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    I just saw a deal on a website that has you able to get 2 treo 700wx phones on sprint for $99 each... with only a 1 year agreement. You can split 1000 minutes between the phones...

    seems to be a microsoft developer plan or something... I can post the link but didn't want to in case that is frowned upon in these forums....


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    I saw a website where you could pick up one 700wx without a contract for a penny!!! I didn't post the link as proof because it's a lie

    of course you can post the link, that's what will be asked of you.
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    I started the process to see if it was phishing or whatever and it seemed real... but that's why I was checking to see if anyone knew of any gotchas with the plan etc...


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    I got my Dash for $50 with a Microsoft Developer deal.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Ah so it is possible... this is the hard part now tho... do I switch from VZW to sprint... Have heard some horror stories about sprint coverage...

    BUT I can get 2 treo 700wx(s) for $99 each and put one up on ebay and get my wife a new crappy phone for the sprint network and proly make money on the deal... sigh....
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    Could someone pls PM me the link.. Thanks!!
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    Howzabout the link for all of us?
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    a link would be nice.
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    Why can't they have something like this for Verizon?
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    Be careful... here's the domain registration info:
    frostbug, inc.
    801 Washington Ave N #307
    Minneapolis, MN 55401

    Registrar: DOTSTER
    Domain Name: CALLSPRINT.COM
    Created on: 13-FEB-04
    Expires on: 13-FEB-08
    Last Updated on: 09-DEC-06

    Administrative, Technical Contact:
    Christensen, Sara
    frostbug, inc.
    801 Washington Ave N #307
    Minneapolis, MN 55401
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    I saw that but it looks like dotster is a hosting company like godaddy... unless that is also a front. I would call the 800 number in any case.

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