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    So for about 3 days 95% of my phone calls were going straight to my voicemail. Very frustrating.

    I contact sprint, they put in a trouble ticket, said soft reset, checked my line, couldnt get any calls to go through to my phone, etc. Said to take it to a Sprint repair facility while they do the trouble ticket.

    Sprint repair facility simply does a hard reset, and it seems to have fixed the missing phone call problem. Now my phone is stuck in 1xRTT - and I always always have EVDO in the Cleveland area.

    The repair tech tried to play it off like it was just by the repair center it might not be working, cus I think he was feeling lazy and all.

    Anyone have any suggestions before I go back and raise hell? I'm sick of having a non-working phone for the past almost week now.
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    Try updating the PRL. Maybe they loaded a 10000 series to 'fix' your problem.

    Call *2 and ask them to flag your account for a prl update.
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    Went to a Sprint repair facility, and they gave me a new phone. Since I was under the 30 days, it was a semi trouble free exchange.

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