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    Currently with Earthlink on a Treo 650, but getting ready to switch to Sprint and the Treo 700wx.

    Have only ever used Datebook (versions 2 through 5) on the Palm OS for my calendar. So... I'm looking for receommendations from former DB users who've switched to WM. What WM PIM most closely resembles DB and how easy was the transition??

    In DB, I use mostly the day and month views (rarely the week or yearly views) and like being able to view categorized events by icon. I have a mobile DJ business and need to be able to record weddings, birthday parties, etc. and associate note info with each event.

    Look forward to hearing from those who have made the transition!
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    I made the transition. I used the plain vanilla factory-installed PIM on my 650 and the same on the 700wx. I tried a couple of add-ons with the 650 and the 700wx but they added complexity and slowness and threatened to lighten my wallet so . . . .
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    SPB Diary. It's the program that makes me keep WM5 rather than a Blackberry or a Symbian device. I use the trio in my law practice for a PIM probably more than a cell phone and certainly more than an email device. It allows me to see my calendar and tasks on one screen, and lets me easily categorize and list my contacts. Highly recommended.

    The only downside is that it makes the system a little slow, however, the functionality outweights this, IMHO.
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    I made exactly your transition, except I am now using a Tro750V.
    Pockebreeze is the best PIM I have seen. it is very good for one-hand usage, and rather fast.
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    I use SPB Diary for Today Screen PIM and PI2007, (Pocket Informant 2007) for the actual PIM.
    Treo 700WX - VZW

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