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    Yes we are in perfection
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    There will be a pretty shortcut icon available for slinghann and Rememinder1.1 very soon. It would be great if we could get some feed back from the user.What do you think the new icon should look like?
    Share your idea's and many scripts to choose from at

    Phil C
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    Fix worked on both WMP and mortplayer. Thanks Slingbox~!
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    No problem volwrath

    Phil C
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    Hey guys, awesome job! Works great! Thanks!
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    I have installed it, too. Thank you for your time spent! Works Great.
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    Hannip just built a icon resource files.A new Keylight icon is on the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Hannip just built a icon resource files.A new Keylight icon is on the way
    And thanks fearthefox for the cool icons!
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    your welcome almighty hannip...
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    fearthefox outstanding icon work.Thanks
    It looks perfect
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    I have a basic question, please. All my hard buttons are assigned, so I'd like this script to appear in my Start Menu. How do I get this to appear?
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    Go to start->settings and select the Menu icon on the Personal tab. If you already have 7 items in your start menu you'll need to uncheck something to make room then check the Treo Keylight checkbox.
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    The question?
    Will it be a new cab build or icon resource file drop?
    If cab I can build a new one tomorrow making it complete ofcourse dropping fearthefox name in script
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    I vote for new cab build for easy breezy install.
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    Me to .new cab all the way
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    New cab is ready. Sling please update the first post.

    1) uses new cool icon (thanks fearthefox!)
    2) no longer requires a separate MortScript install

    Edit: cab is in first post.
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    Phil c
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    Hannip and Sling, I have a question for either of you...

    Since this installer now installs mortscript.exe into the script directory, what happens when, for example, I want to upgrade my version of Mortscript? Or if I already have Mortscript installed. Will the two programs conflict? Can I remove one of them if I want to save the 51KB?
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    They will not conflict. The one in the script dir is not registered. You can't remove this one since it is used directly by setup.dll for install/uninstall and by the shortcut. Install to your sd card so space isn't an issue.

    You can get rid of the other MortScript installation if you don't have other scripts, else you will still need it.
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    Good stuff
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