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    '750 insists on telling me I have an unheard voicemail, but I have no messages, old or new, at Cingular. I pop open the VM icon, tap 'dismiss', but it's still there, still showin me a date and timestamp (yesterday afternoon). So, I asume a phone problem, not VM system problem. How to clear?
    Mike Caldwell
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    I have had this happen on some older Motorola phones from Cingular. Either reset it and see if that clears it, or shut the device off, remove your SIM card and wait for a couple of minutes. Then install the SIM, power back up and when it finds the network, it should clear it.

    These are just things I have been told by Cingular tech support before.
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    Yikes: maybe this was just an early warning. Did the warm boot, then cold boot, and now it hangs up when booting. I get the Palm splash, then the WM splash and the icons start rollng across right to left. When it hits the voicemail icon (teenie reel to reel recorder) it freezes. Now how do I clear this (and please don't say a complete wipe out; I don't have image software and would be embarrassing to cry.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Well now it's getting strange. Stuck at boot splash again, but indicated correct time and the backlight would brighten up when I touched it and dim after timeout. Let it sit about an hour, no response to touch, so did a reset and it lit up; all now very normal.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Also cleared the voicemail icon. After reset the problem was still there, so I turned off the phone, called myself and left a voicemail so there would be something to delete. Then turned the phone on, got my voicemail, and the voicemail notice is now gone.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Have you tried leaving yourself a voicemail, then calling in and deleting it? This happened to me in the past and seem to clear it. DUH... Just read you last post.

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