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    It looks like I will have an opportunity to travel to Europe this summer. Needless to say, I am excited, having never been there. Knowing Sprint is a CDMA network, and the rest of the world (for the most part) ISN'T, makes me sad. I cannot possibly leave my Treo home. I also know that Sprint doesn't have a ton of options for using a phone like ours overseas, if any.

    I have heard that they will provide you with a compatible phone or something to roam with for a trip like this in certain situations. Has anyone on Sprint done this? Am I hallucinating this information?

    But on to the real question. Let's just say I just want to bring the Treo and get around all this somehow. What are my options? The first thing that comes to mind is picking up a Wi-Fi card and using Skype to make calls and send messages. Does that sound viable to you guys? Anyone doing something like this now? How is it working on the Treo? I had used Skype on my 6700, and it wasn't really mind-blowing, but in the absence of a compatible network, I'm sure I'd get used to it pretty quickly.

    So basically, I'm looking for any advice as to the best possible way to bring my baby with me, and still stay in touch with the States... I'm glad I didn't wait until the last minute on this one... I may need a few contingency plans in place, and now at least I have time to assemble them.

    My mind immediately went to the Wi-Fi idea, but I am absolutely open to any and all ideas. Thanks -
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    You should take a read here:

    The only Sprint phones that will work on GSM networks are quad-band phones, which the wx is not. They do have renting options available, but you may even be better off renting one after you get to Europe.

    As far as any other suggestions for how to use your Treo, wifi is likely going to be your only option (or get the 750).
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    Thanks kaiguy - I'll check out the link. I was looking around the site before, but couldn't remember where it was, and then basically lost interest with Sprint's crappy web UI.

    Theoretically, though, with the Wi-Fi card, Skype, and some adjusted settings, I could still call and get email from my POP server as well, right? And I thought about it some more, I may just buy some SkypeOut credit and do that anyway.

    Of course, if I stumble onto a windfall between now and then perhaps a 750 would be nice... haha yeah right. Like that'll happen.
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    Sure. As long as you have access to wifi, you can use it. Lot's of people have had success with the SDIO wifi cards, though it eats up your battery pretty quickly. I haven't been to Europe in a few years, and I don't really remember the avaliability of wifi, but there are PLENTY of internet cafes.
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    Ok, cool. Food for thought. I might be investing in some extra batteries/int'l chargers. In fact, that seems at this point a forgone conclusion. Thanks...
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    I will be traveling in a few weeks. I have the 700wx. Sprint said they are sending me a SIM card (woo hoo!) no charge that I can stick into my favorite unlocked phone. Roaming is $1.29/minute in Yerp. Data roaming is possible at a billion dollars a byte.

    I'll get a multi-country SIM from Telestial, as I'll be in Yerp and the Middle East. Sprint wants $2.49/minute in the UAE. Ouch. I'll take the Sprint SIM so I can check my U.S. phone's voice mail and pull down email from my Exchange Server.

    Now I am kicking myself in the bum about selling off my unlocked 650. I have to buy another GSM phone of some kind. Hello, Craigslist.
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    Oops. Double post... see below.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    Sprint said they are sending me a SIM card (woo hoo!) no charge that I can stick into my favorite unlocked phone.
    Does Sprint expect most people to have an unlocked GMS phone readily available? I sure don't... Not a bad roaming cost, though, as I think T-Mobile charges $1.99/min in most of Europe (or at least thats what it was when I had them).
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    I am dubious about CDMA. I previously had T-Mobile. I am with Sprint only because of two factors--the data network is really good and it is way cheaper than Coke and Pepsi's data plans. But you're right. I will end up buying a 750 to use overseas. That's dumb. But I will do it anyway!

    Sprint is good for the 90 percent of the time I am in the U.S. It is better/cheaper for me to do the two phone thing than to buy f-ing Cingular's overpriced plans with incomplete 3G coverage. Soft rollout my @ss. That's doubletalk for 'we are going to charge you lotsa dough but we ain't gonna deliver value.'

    The Cingy store people don't like to hear about SERO. OTOH the Sprint store people look at me funny and consult their computers and managers when I utter the word 'SERO' there, too.

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    Just a word of INFO for you...Skype is not listing the 700 on the list of compatible devices. I don't know if the software that it has for the 6700 will work or not. I was looking on their site last night and was disappointed to find that it wasn't listed as compatible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pastortroy View Post
    Just a word of INFO for you...Skype is not listing the 700 on the list of compatible devices. I don't know if the software that it has for the 6700 will work or not. I was looking on their site last night and was disappointed to find that it wasn't listed as compatible.
    Thanks for the heads-up, but I know many users are running Skype on the 700wx - there's more than a few threads around here to that effect. However, I have a better solution in mind anyway.

    Rather than purchase a Wi-Fi card, use XCPUScaler to get the 700wx up to acceptable Skype-friendly proc speeds, and buy a whole mess of new chargers and the like, I will be bringing my good ol' 6700 out of retirement, which has been gathering a little dust as of late. It of course, has built-in Wi-Fi, and runs Skype (I used to do it). I will use a separate Wi-Fi finder handheld device to save battery life on the 6700, and even have an extra battery in case I need it.

    I was sitting at my desk last night, pondering all the options, and things I'd have to do to get the Treo ready, and then there it was, staring me in the face (literally - it was sitting right on the desk, too). Since I won't need my day-to-day uses of the Treo, and only a way to pull email and make an occasional phone call (with SkypeOut) I think that as much as it will pain me to leave the Treo home, it's a much better option. Also, I would be absolutely devastated if something happened to the Treo while I was over there, and I would be less heartbroken (although still upset) if the 6700 went down in the line of fire...

    I have some other questions, but they're for other posts...
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    I don't think you need to overclock your processor to use Skype. Just use the slow processor version:
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    I had thought about that, but it still means I have to buy a bunch of other stuff (chargers, extra battery, wi-fi card). The only reason I mentioned the proc OC was because in another Skype thread here on TC a lot of users noted that especially over wi-fi, the low-speed version was stuttery as opposed to the high-speed with an OC'd proc. Just something I was thinking about anyway...

    But thanks for the help!
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    I think you're way overthinking things. Just use a payphone and a calling card if you need to make phone calls. Anywhere you find a wifi connection you're probably going to need to pay for access anyway. In europe, there are tons of these internet cafes. They give you a computer and internet and charge by the hour. You can check email on those computers if you don't want to bring your own. Skype on the ppc-6700 was pretty bad because you needed an external headset to make it work otherwise the sound came out only as speakerphone.
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    Oh, but that's no fun, now is it?

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