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    Lately (past week) I've been having some of the worst reception EVER! I have yet to see it go up to 3 bars and my phone's having a heck of a time connecting to the internet. I've been getting a lot of "no modem" and "can't establish a connection". Anybody else in the Los Angeles area (preferably Long Beach) notice this? Sorry for my rant.
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    Which carrier? I'm on Sprint in Pasadena (700wx) and have had no probs. My wife's on T-Mobile (650), and ditto no problems.

    Well, TC Forums (Mobile) was incredibly sluggish this morning, but that was TC, not Sprint, because other internet browsing was EVDO fast.
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    Check with people who are using same carrier and compare with their signal strength compared to yours. In a case like yours, there's higher chance that your phone is at fault then the network. Same thing happened to me in New york snd it was my phone that was causing the problem.
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    what are are you in & what carrier? I am on Sprint & coverage is fine. there is actually a bill board which reads something to the effect of "best coverage in LA"...
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    verizon pasadena no probs
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    I'm located in Long Beach, CA using Sprint. I'm getting so fed up with Sprint, flaking sucks I'm stuck in a contract. First they screw us with the txt messages, and they keep jerking me over with total protection; they keep taking it off, then I call retentions asking what in the hell is going on, then they put it on, then off then on, it's absolutely ridiculous. No to mention my phone recently has been getting shat for reception.
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    I had a meeting this morning in the Southern portion of Long Beach and my reception, including EVDO, was fine--even with the zoti antenna. Maybe it's your phone?
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    I'm alot closer to Los Alamitos than I am to downtown Long Beach. God I hate going into the sprint stores to deal with the monkies behind the counter. They look at your phone and ironically they NEVER find anything wrong with it nor will they bend over backwards to swap out my phone.

    Plus, I've been in retail for over 8 years so I know how far kindness will go. Still no joy.
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