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    I have a Security monitering system at my farm.
    I can view on computer after installing system DVR software.
    Is there a way I can install software on my 750v and moniter
    the security cameras? the system I am
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    You should be able to monitor your system using your Treo. My Office security system allows for multiple ways of monitoring the video and 15 sec. captures.

    Still images: I use IE to monitor the 15 sec. still image (We save these files to a secure webserver for viewing.

    Video: I can view the video using other pocket web browsers that support JAVA (Netfront). Seems PIE does not support java or this type of video viewing.
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    I have a program to download before I can moniter the cameras.
    I am looking for a way if possible, to install the software program on
    my treo and then go right to the website of my security camera.
    You think possible?
    Or is the software for a pc going to be able to run on treo?

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