Sprint/Palm 700wx -

Just changed jobs, and they only use MS Exchange 2000 here. Apparently, activesync on the 700wx doesn't work OTA with Exchange 2000, and I'm having trouble finding a solution.

Here's what I've found:

Activesync <> Exchange: Activesync on the 700wx doesn't play well with Exchange 2000. My company has no plans on upgrading their Exchange server.

Sprint Business connect personal: Mostly works for pushing email, but doesn't sync contacts (though does allow searching/coping them) and sticks appointments in a seperate calander from the PPC's normal one (and the UI for the special calander sucks.) Costs $15/month. (Would be worth it if it worked as well as Verizon's wsync.. see below.)

Goodlink: No idea, as the company doesn't have a goodlink server. Doesn't seem to be something I can run on my desktop instead of having a full goodlink server. (If I'm wrong, someone please send me links...)

That's it. No other solutions seem to be available. With verizon, they had their "wsync" software (similar to Sprint's business connect) that worked seamlessly with the PPC's contacts/appointments/tasks. I'm in contract with sprint, so switching (back) to verizon isn't an option.

Here's the real issue for me: My company is threatening to saddle me with a blackberry. At the very least, I need proper contact/appointment/email sync'ing to prevent having to carry around my 700wx _and_ a blackberry.