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    I would say about 50% of the time my Treo has a hard time making a data connection. It'll tell me something along the lines of "No modem available at above connection please tap on settings to configure one" If I retry manually, sometimes it takes a couple of times, it'll connect. The other 50% of the time it connects straight away without problems.

    Anyone else have this problem? Is it normal or is there a workaround?
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    I had this problem when I first activated my phone but after about 3 hours of having it activated it connected just fine and has stayed that way.
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    I have the same problem.

    -- Sal
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    I have the same problem.

    -- Sal
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    FWIW my VZW 700wx has been fine.
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    I had trouble connecting initially when I purchased the WX but after an hour or 2 it worked as it should.
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    Mine does it as well
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    FWIW, Whenever I return to my home area from a biz trip, it takes a few hours to connect to the EVDO network. 1xRTT seems fine. I have no troubles when I'm away from my home area. I have a 700w.
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    Well at least I know I'm not the only one. I wonder if this is specific to the 700w/wx in anyway or if it's just part of EVDO life as we know it in general
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    i had the same problem and called verizon. they had it fixed it within an hour. it was something to do with what they called the "switch". It has been fine ever since.
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    I'm having the same problem with connecting, even after calling tech support twice. I am very experienced with both Palm OS and WinMob. I've had most of the pocket pc and smartphone devices over the years and usually always went back to the Palm OS based ones. Most recently I've been using the Treo 700P, which with all of the issues has driven me crazy. Now that I've switched to the WX I'm not sure I'll be sticking with it either. I need my data to connect immediately. in addition, I've noticed that the overall reception of the WX is even worse than the P in my area. Yes, I have done the PRL update, reprovisioned etc. I am getting very tired of Verizon. Unfortunately, their service is about all that works up in the mountains where I live...

    I will probably be returning the WX and just dealing with the buggy P until the firmware update comes out. I was really expecting great things from this phone as I had the pleasure of using Sprint's version for a week. The funny thing is that Sprint's version had better reception and blazing fast internet even with between 0 and 1 bars in my house. I would switch in a heartbeat, unfortunately they are unable to port my number without changing the area code. It would be disastrous to my business to have my customers not be able to reach me. Sprint could not assure that the area code would be automatically redirected so I guess I am stuck...

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