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    Quick question,

    do you think it would be possible to acquire the pOutlook version on WM6 and use it on WM5? I would love the HTML email.

    Not sure if that can be done!

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    I'm sure it would require all related poutlook, tmail and pie exe and dll's. It wouldn't be small and would most likely use a significant chunk of your device storage. I'm not even sure it would fit. It would be a good experiment though.
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    great call! that is basically the only thing i want from WM6 other than the added stability that may have happened with the phone component.
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    Hannip, you mentioned a good chunk of space, but wouldn't that just overwrite the current pOutlook?

    I have over 30 megs of internal memory to play with. Would all of that be in a rom dump that we could play with? I'm game, if you are.

    I just want that added stability of the new pOutlook (html mail mostly)

    You up for it?
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    Wow... that would be freakin' sweet... I was just messing around with Qmail yesterday for that reason, but left feeling unsatisfied... If we had HTML mail on our existing devices, that would almost completely allow me to not think about WM6 (for a while, at least).

    Sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown (in a totally friendly way of course)... so who's up for a little challenge? Hannip's been breaking his back lately, so I wouldn't want to inundate him with more brain-busting just yet ...

    But who else can we turn to? Who will be our knight in shining armor (again)? lol

    Plus I missed the big fundraiser the other night...
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    Do we know what specific files would be needed? I still have one of my refurb W's sitting around ready for experimentation. Probably another day or two before I have to send it in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienwhere View Post
    Plus I missed the big fundraiser the other night...

    Did Hannip finally give out his email so we can send him some paypal? I still feel like paying for that folder switch from mortplayer. It completely changed the onehandedness of Outlook.
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    so, i tried to download the WM6 rom, and i got it, but it wasn't expanded and it looks like a lot of work to expand the rom into simple files. anyone know if it is possible that we can get just a simple directory structure with the files for the WM6 rom?
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    This might be a dumb question, but if WM6 is a 320x(240 or 320), will it support 240x240?

    I would also like to play with the rom files. Can you share that link so I can give it a go too?
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    WM6 supports all the same resolutions as WM5 but added support for 320x320
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    The problem is that it would have to be made into a custom ROM for us to be able to use it
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    Isnt poutlook pretty much a universal app? I would think the DLL's along with poutlook.exe should work on a Treo? The Rom is the HTC (I think) rom, but the files itself should be generic (maybe).

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