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    Hi folks,

    i'm using treo 750v - i DO NOT sync email with my computer.
    The only 3rd party software i have is Blackberry connect & smart button.

    1. Few weeks back all emails in my SENT folder got deleted - vaporized - they're not even in the deleted folder. INBOX is intact. I did a hard reset. Same thing happened yesterday. I called Palm and they are not sure what's going on. Pls can someone help.

    2. I use different companies to make long distance calls to different countries. So i need to enter their prefix for each contact in the phone book. Is there a software whereby i can specify which prefix to use for which country code.

    many thx for your help - very grateful to this forum - have helped resolve a lot of issues i've had. thank u.
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    Just make sure that your Sent messages folder is being synchronized, otherwise you won't see any messages in the folder.

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