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    I tried a search, but was curious as to if anyone could fill me in on what speed bumps i'm going to run into once I get my unlocked cingular 750v.

    Will everything work correctly? ie. outlook, mms, sms, etc?
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    Everything should theoretically work correctly assuming you have the proper settings for Tmobile. You'll be operating data on EDGE speeds, however.
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    The 750V is the Vodafone branded one. Cingular's Treo 750 is just "750". Anyway, since T-Mobile doesn't have a 3G network you're only going to get EDGE speeds with the 750.

    T-Mobile's future 3G network will operate on a different frequency than Cingular's so even when T-Mobile gets 3G, you'll be stuck with EDGE speeds.
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    I'm aware of that. I'm not holding my breath for T-Mobile's 3G network.

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