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    Beryl...the Spb can do an automatic backup of a locked device?
    My Sprite will not
    I think your question has been answered by others here. Spb can automatically backup locked devices because it does not do the pre-backup boot. However, there are the occasions (rare for me) where an app can prevent a backup from occurring. The problem is that the same app that prevents the backup can hang the entire device so you may not wake up on time if you depend on your 700wx alarm!

    Spb backup has a nice feature where you can prevent backups from occurring unless the device is on external power so you don't have to worry about waking up to a drained device. Also you can select which days to perform backups with Spb and Sprite only has once/daily/weekly options.

    Like I said, I use both apps. Sprite-lite is free to Palm users and Spb Backup is only $20. I use Sprite every week or so and just before I do any major changes and Spb every other day.
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    Much appreciated...good info here
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