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    Currently, I have a 650 and am amazed at how easy it is to switch email accounts on the Palm OS. Just by hitting the email button, I can cycle through all four email accounts that I have on my phone. All of my email accounts are POP, none are Exchange.

    My impression is that switching between email accounts on the 750 is more time consuming. So, monitoring multiple POP email accounts with WM, my questions for any WM users are:
    1. Do all emails from the various accounts come into the "Inbox" like regular outlook?
    2. If #1 is yes, are there rules which can separate them into folders?
    3. If #1 is no, how simply can a user cycle through incoming emails from multiple accounts?

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    Suffice it to say it's a trivial task. They are all kept esperate and sync automtically (if you have it set up that way) and you can check any of the accounts at any time.

    On the "Today" screen you see whichs account have new mail and can go directly to those acounts.
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    Any ideas on why my 750 cannot connect to my mailserver if i am travelling outside my home telephone network. I have a 750 with a GSM SIM card, if I am outside my home network (Telkomsel in Indonesia) I cannot download emails. I can take my SIM card out of my 750 plug it into my 650 and no problems. Can send and receive emails!!! Why does Versamail work so much better than Windows Mobile for global roaming?
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    Switching accounts is super easy.
    While viewing the Inbox for my "Yahoo" mail, all I do is press RIGHT on the 5-way nav and I'm looking at the inbox of my next email account.
    I use 3 email accounts and switching between them is as simple as pressing right or left (once I'm in email) or just clicking on the appropriate account on the today screen.

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