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    I just switched from the Treo 600 (where I had no problems sending email using Cingular gave me a new 3G SIM, and it works fine sending from the 600. I can receive email on the 750, but mail just stays in the Outbox and never gets sent. I've tried, and the same thing happens. I don't get any error messages of any kind. ???
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    #2 should work - make sure that you select port 25, no SSL and no authentication. There's no reason to use anything else.
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    Thanks for replying. How do I check/set the outgoing Port #?
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    Hello, figured I'd post an answer in case this search ever comes up again. Your Treo 600 was Palm OS so when you hit send, it would actually send the email right then. With the windows OS, it cues it in the outbox. So after you hit send, you need to go to menu - send/receive and then it will send it. It's stupid.

    As far as the ports go, from what I understand it's in the incoming and outgoing fields. Example, . The :201 defines the port. I could be wrong but that's what I got from a thread I read.

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