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    So I did the Cingular Video patch or hack or whatever you want to call it on my 750, works great, now whats odd though is that I can go to Cingular Tones and Games and all that, and actually, purchase and download Ringtones, and they even play in media player. So my issue is, when I go to set them as a Ringtone they are no where to be found. I checked out the file extension, its some odd .mp3d file, and I even tried to just change the extension and that didn't work. So, how do I get this to work, normally I don't like to buy tones , but there are a few that I would like that I used to have on another phone. So, anyone got any ideas?
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    Can you share with me where you got the patch for Cingular video??? Would greatly appreciate it.
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    How are you setting them as a ringtone? What I did (for an MP3 file) was to go to Sounds and Notifications, Manage, Menu, Add, browse for the file and Select it.

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