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    So I went there just now and followed the instructions to see that my treo 700wx is software version 1.14. The palm site says I'd need it if it was 1.13. However, when I looked inside my treo's windows folder to look for the file named smspatch (whatever it's called) it's not there. Do I dload the patch?

    Does this patch thread the sms's. I just got mine like two days ago and from a 650 where you don't have to think about sms threading cuz it's already there.
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    IF your version is 1.14, you DO NOT need the SMS patch. It's already been implemented into the ROM.

    And, no, it does not install SMS threading. This is only for a bug that existed with the Sprint 700wx prior to v1.14. The aforementioned bug prevented SMS messages from being delivered to Verizon and T-Mobile subscribers.
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    the reason you dont see it is cause it is a hidden system file that the stock file explorer doesn't show. use a program like resco, total commander, pocket plus, ect to see it.
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    Thank you very much guys.

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