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    Twice now, I have picked up my 750 and found that I missed a few calls. Then, when I checked the volume, I found that it was set to maximum and the sound on/off was switched to on, but the phone wouldn't make any sound - trying to play any of the sounds resulted in silence, and I didn't even get the normal buz when I turned the sound off with the slider button. Messing with the sound switch or volume slider didn't help. I popped out the battery and retured it, and everything started working fine again.

    So, is this a problem that I should be able to fix by messing with a setting or software, or do I have a bad phone?
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    It's a know issue with no fix right now.

    Some say turning off the Voice Command application does help stop it from occurring.
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    I find that after using my BT headset and VC for voice dialing, I have to soft reset in order to get my sound back. A PIA for sure, but I guess I have to live with it. What's even worse is that even VC will stop working properly during a given amount of time.

    While, I love the form factor and the "Treo experience", I have to say that in my 6 year experience with WM devices, the Treo is by far the buggiest device I have ever owned. It makes the KJAM look positively rock solid!
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    For some reason I used to experience the sound problems. Now, I still have SPB software installed as well as Voice Command and Bluetooth running and have not encountered any sound issues since. Not sure what it is though.
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    You're definitely not the only one...
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    After posting here, I checked around and found out about the Voice Command issue. I didn't even know that I had it turned on. I've turned it off, and hope that this takes care of the problem.

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