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    I've been looking the beta4 everywhere. If anyone has it, I'd love a copy: teriyaki.x(at)

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    I'm looking for it as well... djeddiebear(at)
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    I am in desperate need of the palm sms beta 4 hack...

    ray at

    It is just wrong not to have threaded sms. And now they have the app, but I have to spend all this time to find a hacked version...totally lame they should make themselves useful and send out an update with it or something... do they think that is good policy or a way to force people to upgrade to the 750?? jeeze I just bought my 700wx...frickin verizon didn't even tell me about the 750.

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    Hello, I am new to Treo Central. Can someone please send me the Palm SMS hack? and the instructions?

    Thank you
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    oh yea please send palm sms thread hack and all instructions and any extra information i need please i am helpless so please help a fellow treo user in need.
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    You can lead a horse to water...

    Did you go to the link Cody posted?
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    Are you serious??? It's on top of the forum, first sticky...
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