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    Ok so i installed PDnet on my 700wx. It connects fine over BT and ActiveCync, to my laptop. and i can browse the net.

    Now i am trying to connect using PDnet DUN over BT to my tomtom300. It connects fine, tells me that i have a nessesery features on my phone. Then tomtom asks me to configure DUN. So i put my user name and password that i use to connect to EDVO on my phone along with the #777. And this is where i get stuck, for some reason it doesn't want to connect. Any thoughts, ideas, sugjestions?
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    PDANet requires the software on both your laptop and the Treo. So I don't think in that particular configuration it will work on the TomTom as it can't have the PDANet software installed. It might work if you have the Verizon 700wx or install the Verizon BT stack on the Sprint wx (see the A2DP thread), as it has built-in DUN support now.
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    is there a setting for that? or it just does that automatically?

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