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    Hi, I need to ask everybody's opinion on Treo 750. Currently I have Treo 680 and so far I'm pretty happy with it. However I am also considering of buying an unlocked Treo 750. below are the reasons and questions I have why I want to buy Treo 750:

    1. I missed having Skype on my handheld (before my T680, I am using O2 XDA Atom) and unfortunately I can't have it on T680. Have anyone here tried Skype and how's the performance on T750?
    2. 3G. I am with T-Mobile here is US and I know that they don't offer this service yet (but I'm willing to wait.) but it's nice to have high speed most especially if I need to download emails and be able to talk on the phone at the same time. Will T750 be compatible with T-Mobile's 3G once it becomes available?
    3. One thing I would probably miss once I switch to T750 is Microsoft Money synchronization using Ultrasoft Money. I know that there's other available spftware for Windows Mobile but I still like Ultrasoft unless someone here can say that the SPB software for Windows Mobile that synchronizes witj MS Money is almost identical or better than Ultrasoft Money.
    4. Multitasking. I think this is one of of the thing I like about Windows Mobile.
    5. I know that both T680 & T750 supports direct push but I think Windows Mobile is better when it comes to Exchange Integration (this is just my opinion). Anybody wants to say I'm wrong?
    6. Probably the MOST important. I know that unlocked T750 is not available here in US but I'm willing to spend money and but an unlocked from UK. Is it worth waiting for the T750 to become available here in US and hope that it'll be a better unit than the UK version? What's the possibility of Palm releasing an unlocked T750 here in US with Windows Mobile 6 and has 360x360 screen resolution? If Palm would not make the unlocked version available here in US would there be a plan of having an available Windows Mobile 6 update for the UK unlocked version?

    Any information or advice would be very much appreciated.
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    Currently, you may be able to get third party workarounds for Skype:

    Also, there are plenty of posts regarding TMobile USA's 3G network operating on a different band than Cingular's and the Treo's tri-band UMTS/HSDPA. Therefore, it won't work after TMobile rolls out 3G.
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    I have a feeling that Tmobile will have some sort of WM6 device available. They have announced an upgrade for the DASH, but not for the MDA or SDA. That would make one think that they are planning a replacement for those phones when WM6 hits the streets officially. My guess (and hope) is that it is a Treo 750. Tmobile seems to be liking the HTC product line, and the 750 is manufactured by them. Who knows what the future will bring thought.

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    Tmobile does like HTC, but not sure that TMobile hearts Palm though. They haven't carried a Palm since the Treo 600.
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    T-Mobile's 3G implementation will not be on a non-standard frequency. Therefore, the current 750 will not work on their future 3g network. However, it would work on their lower speed network.
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