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    I have a 700W and recently installed TomTom6 with a Bluetooth Qstarz 818 receiver.

    The device pairs up nicely with the 700w on COM4.

    This issue is that when the device goes into sleep mode (i.e. screen shuts off) it loses the connection with the Bluetooth receiver.

    I have a Bluetooth Headphone (Scala) running concurrently.

    Thanks for any assistance
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    Quick question--why does your screen turn off when using TomTom 6? I've never had my screen shut off during navigation, whether plugged in or not. Maybe that's a problem.

    Also, you might want to try the new A2DP stack which has some general BT improvements.

    Or, under WM GPS settings set up your hardware and software port (meaning your hardware is COM4, but your software--which you would use in all your programs--would be a different port).

    These are just guesses as I've never ran into your problem using GPS, on either of my 2 receivers.
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    Interesting. I did not set the Software port. When I set that to a different port, do I have to change TomTom to that port instead of the Hardware port. What port would you recommend for the software that has least likelihood of conflicting with something else.

    Also, did you change your power settings (i.e. Power When connected,uncheck turn screen off after X minutes)? It sounds like you didn't have to do this.

    Thanks so much for your response!

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