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    I have just bought a treo 750v (europe).
    Have had a treo650 for 2years using DateBK5 as my agenda and task manager.

    I have tried SPD Diary, but am not able to use it fully with just one hand, as I was used to do.

    Agendus seems quite good, but it is crashing my treo continuosly.

    Any other application you would suggest?
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    Pocket Informant, Agenda One, Agenda Fusion, PocketBreeze, to name just a few.
    Search for some threads related to them and you'll see many opinions and suggestions.
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    I like Pocket Breeze combined with Pocket Informant
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    Me too - in tandem, these are very nice. Although the new Agendus for WM is also growing on me rapidly ...

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    I like Pocket Breeze combined with Pocket Informant
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    I have tried PocketBreeze in these 2 days. it is really working well.
    I have also tried PI, but do not see the advantage of using it together with PB.
    could you give me some examples?
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    PI provides all the power and dazzling set of features and customizations that are not available in the built-in PIM apps. Pocket Breeze works 'in tandem' by offering a very powerful way to have all your PIM info available to you at a glance on your Today screen - and letting you interact with it quite nicely straight from there.

    Hope that answers the question ...
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    Another vote for Pocket Informant.
    The degree to which you can customize it to suit your needs is really amazing.
    The only downside I have experienced is that it takes a while to load on a 700w. Other than that I love it.
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    I will have a try to use PI 2007 as my PIM.
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    does anybody with PI and a 750 have an issue with in the tasks view such that after holding the D pad to bring up the action menu and then either selecting an action or dismissing the menu that the menu returns again?
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    I've been liking Agenda One + SPB Mobile Shell + SPB Diary
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