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    Okay here i go...

    What are some GREAT apps that will clean up my 700wx and make it freeze less etc.

    What is "Threaded SMS?" is that like the SMS app on the Palm Treo's where it looks like an IM window when u txt someone? If not where can i find an app like that for my 700wx? And pls explain 2 me wat threaded sms is.

    Thanks a lot guys!
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    For programs that clean search for Memmaid or SKTools.

    Yes threaded sms is chat style text messaging.
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    Agreed with hannip on Memmaid and SKTools. I use SKTools and like it very much. But I also don't want to have to go into that program for a simple, frequent task of clearing out my temp files and duplicate notifications. So I use pmClean to automatically do that after every soft reset. You can look at that program under the Freeware section at

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