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    I am posting this in the 700wx thread as I'm 95% sure this issue is related to the version of Outlook that ships with ActiveSync.

    When I installed ActiveSync with my purchase of the 700wx many moons ago it forced an update of my Outlook from 2000 to 2003. Now I lose IMAP connection every night (it's when the server is backing up) and Outlook 2003 is unable or unwilling to re-connect once the mail server is back up. Outlook 2000 would re-connect without issue.

    I've increased the server timeouts to 10 minutes but no help and I'm really getting tired of having to close and reopen Outlook in the morning when I'm already in a hurry.

    My question is, did anyone else experience this same thing?

    Does ANYONE have ANY ideas about resolving this???
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    I have an IMAP connection in OL2003 with no errors, but my mail server doesnt go down for maintenance as you stated.

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