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    Hey guys,

    Just got my verizon treo 700wx and I must say what a difference between the w and wx. Anyways, the only problem I am having is that the phone detects my storage card literally every 2 minutes. It keeps popping up a box that says windows has detected a storage card do you wish to search... blah blah.

    i have a 2GB mini sd connected with an SD adaptor by San Disk. Does anyone know what is causing this problem?
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    Try this Solution ID: 41221

    'A Storage Card was inserted. Do you want to scan for Media files?' appears periodically without inserting a card

    As you have probably observed, whenever an expansion card is inserted into a Windows Mobile Treo smartphone, a message dialog window will pop up asking "A Storage Card was inserted. Do you want to scan for Media files?"

    If you select Yes, the smartphone will scan the card for media files that can be viewed or played on the device.

    If you choose No, no search will be conducted. If there are pictures or videos on the card, you will need to update your library in the Windows Media Player application on the device, before these files can be viewed.

    Why does the message appear without inserting a card?
    If you insert an expansion card that does not have any media files on it, and you have the Windows Media application running on the device, the error message above will periodically pop up.

    What to do
    You have two options:

    Add an image file or video file to the expansion card will prevent the message from popping up.


    Exit Windows Media Player application:

    Press and hold OK .
    In the Running Programs List, select Windows Media.
    Select Stop.
    Press OK to exit.
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    thanx a lot..i just got my 700wx and sd card yesterday and it annoyed the crap out of me

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