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    It there any way to fix this. Some times I have 1 generic icon, sometimes none, sometimes all the 3rd party icons are generic.
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    I haven't been able to fix this other than to have all the programs that I want on my start menu installed in ROM, not on the card. The programs installed on the card end up with generic icons.
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    Your right, I had'nt noticed that. It is only the card applications. I guess its no big deal. But it just makes it look like something isnt working right,,,,,,,,,, I guess because somthing isnt working right.......
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    Here's a fix to try. I knew this had been discussed before, but I fixed it by just installing my fav apps in rom.
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    Thanks. So far so good.... I really appreciate that.
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    It worked for 1 day. Others results may vary.

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