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    I will be in Belgium in March and if the 750 there is unlocked/unbranded I might be sorely tempted to get one. I looked at the Palm website for Belgium and I couldn't tell.

    Also this English language thing is a concern. (To me, not to Belgians). I'd like a generic English language 750 to use while roaming outside the U.S. My Sprint 700wx is fine for U.S. use.
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    look at the Palm store for UK, or denmark, both should have an english homepage. I would strongly expect Palm to sell them unlocked in europa. But you'd probably have to order online. If you go to a phone shop you'r probably get a locked to vodaphone.

    Some other thread talked about shops on the street in london selling unlocked 680. We do not have such shops in Denmark, but you might or might not find them in airports or in Belgium.

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