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    Regarding the screen swap from 240 X 240 to 320 X 320, the treo 750 chipset is only capable of qvga 240x320 max, without the hardware being capable to run 320x320 the you can get the screen to work is 240x320.
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    Supposedly is reporting that Microsoft is releasing WM6 as a free upgrade to device makers. Now it's up to them and the carriers to implement the upgrade path. Also, HTC, not Palm, is rumoured to offer WM6 to all keyboard devices according to SmartPhoneThoughts. Hopefully, this will put increased pressure on Palm to follow suit.
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    I'd be happy if palm came out with a WM6 update for our 750s, but I'll be happier if they come up with a new device that has the same form factor but better specs [higher res screen, wifi, better bt stack, wm6 etc etc]
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    I'm sure they will. Just not until they squeeze as much $$$$$$$ as possible from the 750.
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    If the skies opened and an upgrade to MW6 was offered to existing 750 owners, how would it work - is the device set up that it can be a simple downloadable firmware upgrade or does it involve ROM chips and such?

    I'm very frustrated by the brazen silence from Palm and Cingular. As much as I want to buy this phone(now - not 12 months from now), I'm leaning hard toward HTC just out of principle.
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    Yes. In the past Palm has made updates available for other products. Basically you just download a program to your computer, run it, and it re-flashes your phone's ROM with the new version. You'll lose your data and it'll be like factory new when it's done. You can re-sync your data back to the device.

    There is already at least one update for the Treo 750 promised (to upgrade it to HSDPA.) But we have no clue if that will include WM6, or if not, will there be a future WM6 update some time later.

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