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    I use Wisbar Lite for my battery meter so there is no need for a redundant "Stock" battery icon on the top bar. Is there a safe way to remove it? Thanks.
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    I was able to do it once accidentally with UI tweaker... Not sure how and when I loaded a new theme it came back.
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    I've been hoping for something like this myself!! Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Good question. I'd like to get rid of it as well.
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    here's how I removed it:

    Problem is, the volume icon takes its place

    Quote Originally Posted by me
    Anyway, here's how I figured to remove the battery icon; Perhaps it provides a hint on how to bring it back:
    * Create a new file (text is ok) and save it as BatteryIndicator.exe, either on your PC or on the Treo
    * Copy that file to \Windows on the device to overwrite the original, I think you have to use Total Commander (i did) [or perhaps Resco Exp] for the overwrite, then reset.

    If you want to get back the original, delete the new one from \Windows and reset. I think it should work that way, since the original is ROM.

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