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    I know this is redundant, but I'm looking for quick opinions. What is a decent BT GPS device, I'm looking to eBay one up. and so far I have my eyes on the Qstarz Q810 32 Channel Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver. Any reviews?

    Sorry for the title, it wont let you abriviate in CAPS
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    If you're going to ebay it up, first let me suggest monitoring "buygpsnow_at_cost" ( I've purchased two BT receivers from them and I've been very pleased with the price/transaction.

    I own two GPS receivers:
    - iBlue 737, which is the same internals as the Qstarz you're looking at. It's a great receiver, very sensitive--even indoors--and good battery life (user replaceable too). I keep it in my glovebox and it still gets great reception. I think I got mine for $60 ($40 + $20 shipping).
    - Holux 240, is classified as the smallest bluetooth GPS receiver and does a good enough job if you're in the open. The size is what's really amazing about it. No user replaceable battery or sleep mode, so over time the battery will become close to unusable. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a small receiver (just bigger than a AA battery really), this is the one. It was about $70 with shipping.

    The iBlue/Qstarz was a little different to set up than the Holux. I couldn't directly use the hardware COM port, so I had to utilize the WM5 go-between--which also allows multiple programs to use the GPS simultaneously. No big deal, but it just takes up an additional COM port ("software COM port").

    Hope this helps.

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