I know that a lot of people donít like how the color of the highlights are so close to the color of the backgrounds on their Today Screens so hereís a relatively simple reg-hack to change the color of text and highlight bars! Please note, as always, that registry hacking is a ďat your own riskĒ deal, so be careful and only do it if you know what youíre doing (or youíre brave for all of you first-timers out there).

First, navigate to [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Color] using your registry editor of choice. Add Binary Values for the following items you want to change:

34 (Today Screen items background highlight color)
39 (Start menu text)
35 (Today Screen items text highlight color)

More values to experiment with can be found here:

Play around with it and youíll get the look youíre going for.

Use the hex values found on this page to change the colors that you want:

FYI: when you change your Today theme, these registry values will disappear. Iíll update later with some screen shots. Enjoy!