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    Well certainly it is possible since most HTC devices including the 750 do indeed work with the older VC 1.5 over bluetooth. The differences in the sampling just mean that the voice recognition won't be so great. I have actually tested bt voice dialing using a bt dongle connected to the audio jack and it does indeed work. If we could come up with a mod that connects the audio jack to the SCO input on the bt module it should work.

    Well that's great! I certainly do hope someone can get it working with an elegant solution.
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    hmm, a glimmer of hope. It might actually be possible to do via software, but it's going to take a bt developer to take on the challenge.

    In Platformbuilder there is some sample code called btscosnd that can be used to send/recieve to a bluetooth headset. Microsoft has a reg setting to control whether the audio gateway will use the default hardware routing to the bluetooth module or software routing via btscosnd driver.

    MapAudioToPcmMode : REG_DWORD Specifies the audio driver. The setting can have the following values:
    0 - Use the built-in SCO audio driver.
    1 - Assume that audio is automatically routed to the Bluetooth hardware. Default.

    The btscosnd sample code needs a lot of work. Sounds like a good challenge for someone that wants to learn the intricacies of bluetooth coding.
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    I have a friend at work that programmed software for WM devices for years. He might be able to help. Not sure if he has done any bt coding though.
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