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    Quote Originally Posted by volwrath View Post
    I recommend buying the Logitech headphones for MP3 for $40. The reason is they will crack in the band, and Logitech will send you the $100 freepulse BT headsets in place of it.
    do you know if this is still going on? i have a set of white one's that broke >.
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    Yup just search around logitech's site for info. Sent mine in yesterday
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobdelt View Post
    wow is all i can say about those.

    What about the logitech for IPOD or For mp3/computer ones... do those work with a2dp or only the little dongle that comes with it?
    They work with a2dp.
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    wow! do bluetooth stereo headsets work with the 700p?
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    Yes, with 3rd party software. Search for Softick Audio Gateway.
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