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    I too have a Treo 700wx with a PLT 510. I applied the patch from Verizon's website and am having disconnection issues with the PLT 510. I tried to apply Hannip's fix on top of the Verizon one and it will only copy 1 of 22 ROM files over. Is this because the Verizon update already contains the rest of the ROM's or am I doing something incorrectly? Any help would be great!
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    Palm already backported the A2DP stuff from the 750. Just get the latest update from Palm (if you don't have it already).
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    I recently updated my Verizon 700Wx with the 1.24 update. It looks like this update only "upgrades" the phone with Win Mobile 6 and apps. It doesn't appear to have added any bluetooth related functionality like the Sprint A2DP update.

    The performance of the bluetooth on my 700Wx is terrible. Callers on the other end hear a constant buzzing noise that masks the audio. I was hoping to try a A2DP fix to see if this problem is a software or hardware problem.

    Can anyone advise if (1) you have A2DP functionality using either hannip's fix or the Sprint update on a Verizon 700Wx with the 1.24 software update applied and if so (2) if the sound quality is upgraded with the software fix and (3) if the software fix still allows for handsfree calling support?

    Thanks in advance for all of your support and advice!
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    Hi, I have sort of the same question as the previous poster. I have the Voyager 855 and it works on my Treo 700WX VZ v1.20 WM5 if I install the AD2P But my Voyager BT 855 does not work on my v1.24 WM6 with this A2DP. Is there a comparable A2DP patch for WM6 v1.24 ROM?
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    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the fantastic person known as Hannip.

    You have seriously done a wonderful thing here, by creating this cab file.

    For all those attempting to use Bluetooth with the 1.24, WM 6 from the Palm web site... don't waste your time. I have been there, done that.

    Keep the update, but install this Hannip cab file on top of it.

    You won't lose anything on WM 6, and your Bluetooth will work.

    The only thing you might lose is SRS WOW. But hey, you can still use that when you're 'wired'... which you will still want to be sometimes.

    The audio quality of Bluetooth still can't touch 'wired' quality, so don't go throwing those Sony studio headphones away just yet.

    Again, thank you to Hannip!!
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